NES emulation series

NesChan is a Nintento Enterintament System (NES) emulator I wrote just for fun. Back in 2017, I was a bit burned out from a previous manager job and really misses writing code, so I was looking for a small-ish fun project. I came across this medium post and quite inspired by it. After reading nesdev wiki for a while I decided to give it a try mid-December 2017. It took me around week and half to get quite a few major titles perfectly (SMB, Super Contra, Shadow of the Ninja, etc). But it’s still in its early stages and I don’t have any intention to bring it to par to the mainline NES emulators like Mesen - I do have a day job to pay my bills and I also have a lot of new things to learn. But I did plan to write a series documenting how I implemented NESChan. If people find it interesting and informative, or even inspired to write their own NES emulator, I’d consider these time well spent.

NESChan mac version