Paper Reading

Following is a list of papers that I’ve read and a (not so quick) summary of the contents of them. In the past I’ve read papers but found I quickly forgot them and had to read it again. So now I’m trying something different.

Using The Morning Paper as an inspiration, I’m taking notes and re-summarize papers I’m reading in my blog, and I believe this will work better for a few reasons:

  • To gain better/deeper understanding of the paper - writing it down really made sure that I understood what I’m reading
  • Better retention of the key ideas / insights of the paper, and apply it elsewhere
  • A easier reference if I need a quick refresher - I wrote it myself in ways that I can better understand, after all
  • Maintain a history of papers I’ve read - might be fun to look back at them some day and also maybe get some additional insights / data
  • Hopefully, someone else might find it useful

I’ve been taking notes on papers for a while, and I’m slowly working my way through the notes - compiling them into publishable posts, and going forward I’ll be writing my notes in a way that is closer to publishable to make the process more efficient as well.